Junior Cycle – Music

musicThe Junior Certificate Music course has been specifically devised to suit the entire range of student aptitude and ability. It enables all students to acquire musical skills suited to their age, varying abilities and musical experiences.

The syllabus is divided into 3 component parts, which represent the 3 main musical activities.

Performing skills

(These form 25% of the Junior Cert Exam).

Performing may be either school based (each student wil1leam the recorder) or the result of private tuition and may be practised individually or in a group.

Some of the categories are as follows:

  1. A) Song Singing.
    B) Performing as a member of a choir/band orchestra.
    C) Performing as a member of a vocal or instrumental ensemble
    D) Performing individually on classical instrument.
    E) Performing on traditional instruments.

Composing skills

Students will be involved in either the composing of melodic phrases and an introduction to elementary harmony.

Listening skills

Students will be involved on responding to previously prepared as well as unprepared songs and recorded works. In the course they will acquire knowledge and experience of staff notation and aural training.

Music aims to promote creativity and development of personality.

It develops musical sensitivity and imagination. It encourages social awareness and an understanding of the artistic views of others. All pupils including the very talented and those with special needs can engage in worthwhile musical activities enjoyably and profitably.