Important - Picture Permission Form

2020/09/16 17:31:12

Our school maintains a database of photographs from school events held over the years. It has become customary to take photos/videos of students engaged in school activities and events in the interest of creating a pictorial as well as historical record of life at the school. Photographs/videos of student's and in some cases their name, may be published on our school website and app. Consent is requested from each parent. Please see images below to help guide parents in completing the Picture Permission form for each student on the app. It is important that we receive this information. We are hoping to create a digital prospectus for our school next week and we would love for your son to be involved. Please ensure you have completed the Picture Permission form so that we can proceed with this project. Many thanks, The Management Team

Transition Year - Carlingford Information for Students and Parents

2020/09/16 15:39:22

Good afternoon, Please see attached document outlining some key information for our trip to Carlingford next week. I am meeting with each class group to discuss this document with them. This document is also available to students in their Google Classroom. I would specifically like to draw your attention to the Carlingford adventure centre mobile phone policy and the additional rules of the centre. Please check that you have submitted a consent form for your son through the app. Please also notify me of any medical/dietary issues your son might have immediately. More information will be provided in the coming days. I have set up a chat board in the school app for TY students and will also be setting up one for parents to provide short notice of things such as buses arriving home etc. Please notify me immediately if your son cannot travel on the trip. Kind regards, S.Coy

6th Year Prefects 2020 - 2021

2020/09/14 17:30:35

Application Form for School Prefects We are currently accepting applications for the position of 6th Year Prefect. Acceptance of applications will close on Friday September 25th at 2pm. Further information about the role of a prefect is contained below. What is a prefect? The position of prefect is a position of responsibility and one which provides an important link between pupils and staff. As prefect you will have the opportunity to take responsibility and share in the leadership of the school. The example you set, your attitude to work, your courtesy, the way you relate to others, how you look after the school and uphold its rules must be of a very high standard. The role of prefect brings out the students’ leadership qualities which may serve as a stepping stone for you in the future, especially with regard to CVs and job applications. . The role of a prefect The main role of a prefect is to help in the smooth running of the school by giving of their time to perform some particular duty. Prefects are role models for other students. They must abide by the school rules at all times. They act as student leaders by wearing their uniform properly, giving good examples with their behaviour and attitude and performing their assigned duty properly. Their role may give them the opportunity to liaise with younger pupils and give them support and encouragement. They should be prepared to be proactive and consider themselves prefects at all times, not just on their designated slot. They MUST therefore be: Reliable Conscientious Polite Prefect duties You must know and remember where and when you are on duty If you are unable to do your duty, it is your responsibility to ensure that you arrange a swap with another prefect. Prefects who persistently fail to do their duties will forfeit their right to be prefect. Attend any prefect meetings called. Be aware of the example that you can set as a prefect. If you are interested in becoming a prefect, please complete the application form by using the link below below and return Many thanks, Mr. Keating (Prefect Coordinator)

Drop Everything and Read

2020/09/11 14:32:18

It was lovely to see some of our 1st and 2nd Year English students involved in a 'Drop Everything and Read' initiative today. We hope to continue with this initiative going forward. Many thanks to the English Department for their work with this.

School finishing times

2020/09/11 13:51:37

Parents, Guardians and Students, In order to ensure the safe exiting of students from the school building each day the following staggered times are in place for each year group: Monday - Thursday 1st & 4th Years - 3.45pm finish 2nd & 5th Years - 3.50pm 3rd Years - 3.55pm 6th Years - 4.00pm Friday 1st & 4th Years - 1.00pm finish 2nd & 5th Years - 1.05pm 3rd & 6th Years - 1.10pm We appreciate your support with these health and safety procedures.

6th Year Study

2020/09/11 10:18:41

Evening and Night Study for 6th Year students only begins on Monday. If you have not already signed up for study via the app (school shop) please do so to ensure a desk is assigned for your son on Monday. Due to covid health and safety procedures the flexibility for students to choose whether they would like to sign up for two or three evening or night study sessions is limited. Once a student signs up for study a desk will be assigned to a student for the term and priority will have to be given to those attending for the full week. If there are spaces left we will do our best to accommodate students hoping to do fewer sessions but priority will have to be given for Monday to set-up students for full weeks. We appreciate your support in following these safety protocols. Study queries can be sent to Mr Joyce (Study Coordinator) via the 'Note From Parent' section on the app.

6th Year Biology News

2020/09/11 07:50:45

Well done to our 6th year Biology students who have embraced the ‘new norm’ and took part in a zoom call yesterday with Dara Wyer, Kildare’s Environmental Education Officer. The students asked questions about waste management and environmental issues in the county which are part of the ecology section on the Biology course. Thank you to Dara for taking the time to take the call and to answer questions and many thanks to Ms Houlihan for organisng and facilitating this workshop.

Update - School Uniforms

2020/09/10 15:30:45

Good afternoon Parents, Guardians and Students, Many thanks for your support with our uniform policy here in Naas CBS. For health and safety reasons all windows and doors are being left open throughout the day to keep the building ventilated. We are permitting students (if needed) to wear a coat over the school uniform. By no means is the school jumper to be replaced by a different jumper or hoodie. We expect every student to be in full uniform and on P.E days students can come to school in their P.E gear. Outside of these exceptions every student must adhere to our uniform policy. Many thanks, The Management Team

Update - Materials for School

2020/09/10 14:41:23

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students, Many thanks for your support as we navigate our way through the beginning of the school year without locker facilities. We appreciate that this can be very frustrating for staff, students and parents/guardians alike. Where possible every teacher is using e-books in the classroom and uploading work onto google classroom to help avoid the need to have heavy textbooks and workbooks in class. As we continue to work with staff and students to find effective methods of communicating what is required for class each day, we ask that from home parents and guardians please ensure that your son is not leaving for school with a heavy school bag. No student will be sanctioned for not having materials in class. This afternoon the Principal spoke to all students about managing school bags and reiterated the message that when in doubt about bringing certain books to school, always default to leaving them at home. We trust that our senior students will manage to bring only the necessary materials to school but we can appreciate that our Junior students may be apprehensive about not having all materials for class each day. Once again, please be assured that no student should be worried if without materials any given day. We will continue to keep in contact in regards to this matter and appreciate your concerns in regards to it.

Access to Google Classroom

2020/09/09 13:20:49

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students, Some students are having issues accessing google classroom from a mobile or home device. Please see the attached PDF for guidance on how to fix a common issue that is occurring.