Junior Cycle – German

germanDid you know there are over 90 million native German speakers in Europe? German is one of two modern languages offered in CBS Naas. We want students to understand German and communicate through the target language to the best of their ability.

Our aim is to enable students to handle practical, everyday situations through the medium of German and to give them the confidence and foundations necessary to cope with the language, should they choose to pursue their studies, work with one of the many Irish-based German companies, or indeed work or spend time in a German speaking country at a later stage.

In First Year we start at the beginning. A wide range of themes is covered (details about myself, where I live, family and friends, school, hobbies, expressing opinions, in town, sport). Students are encouraged to understand, speak, read and write the language to the best of their ability, using a variety of media, the textbook and authentic materials.

Focus is placed upon the following areas:

Oral German

As a language is primarily spoken, emphasis is placed on spoken German. Many words are similar to English, and students are encouraged to communicate in German to the best of their ability. Use of the target language is encouraged in the class. By the end of First Year, students will have built up a good range of vocabulary, which will enable them to ask questions and maintain a basic conversation in German.

Aural Work

Listening to spoken German helps to reinforce and revise the material being learned. It also helps students to improve their pronunciation and familiarises them with a range of authentic accents.

Written German

Themes covered will again be based on everyday practical situations. During the year, students will have built up a range of vocabulary and sentences from their reading, enough to write a simple letter to a pen pal.

Landeskunde/ General knowledge

This is an essential aspect of language learning. As well as learning a language, students will also start to learn about the countries in which the target language is spoken e.g. customs and festivals, comparing aspects of life in Ireland with those of German speaking countries.


In addition to school Christmas and summer exams, there will be class tests to check each student’s progress. Written, oral and aural German will be tested. Above all, we emphasise that students do their best and enjoy learning German.

Viel Spaß beim Lernen!