Junior Cycle – Art, Craft & Design

artThe student of Art (at any level) learns how to see and explore in an interesting and creative way his natural and man-made world. From first to third year the Art student learns how to sketch, draw and paint and become skilful in a variety of crafts, e.g. lino printing, calligraphy, book binding, modelling, etc. Such terms as lino, pattern, perspective, tone texture, movement, etc. are explored. Drawing and painting techniques are acquired. The student learns how to appreciate colour and create graphic design. The world of advertising is explored and the student acquires some knowledge of Art History.
The Junior Certificate Art, Craft and Design exam is project and theme based. In October of Junior Certificate year the student chooses his theme and commences work on a project to be complete by May. This project earns 75% of total marks. 25% is assigned to an exam which also takes place in May. This requires a drawing from the human form and from the natural or man-made world.
Work on the project commences normally with a painting. This develops into Graphic Design, 3D and some crafts. The student explores his theme through drawing, sketching, painting, modelling, preparatory work, support studies and research.