Rewarding Achievement

Awards in Meánscoil Íognáid Ris

Each year the school presents a wide range of awards. These include:

  • The James Fanning Award presented to the best Leaving Certificate student each year.
  • The Dennis Dunning Award which is presented by the Parents Council to the student who is deemed to have made an outstanding all-round effort during Leaving Certificate Year.
  • The Dennis Dunning Arts Scholarships: a set of scholarships to summer courses in music, art and drama awarded each year by the staff and school in memory of their late colleague.
  • Awards for Special Achievement: a number of awards are presented each year to students of the outgoing Leaving Certificate class.
  • Best Junior Certificate Award: awarded to the student who attains the best Junior Certificate each year.
  • The Brother Carr Trophy: to the best First Year student.
  • Duais Labhrás Ó Muircheartaigh: an annual scholarship to the Gaeltacht presented by the staff and Board in memory of their late colleague.
  • The David Phelan Award: for the best project in Construction Studies.
  • The Gavin Woods Award: to the best student in Computer Studies in Transition Year.
  • The Chris Lawlor Award is awarded for the best Leaving Cert History result.
  • The Cormac Clare Award is given to the student who contributes most and excels in debating and public speaking.
  • Best Student Award: to the best student in each class group.
  • Best All-Round Effort: to the student in each class group who has been judged to have made a special effort during the year.
  • The Bank of Ireland Millennium Scholarships: the school supports the application of Leaving Certificate students for these valuable annual awards. In both 2000 and 2001, a student from Naas CBS has been successful in winning one of the ten scholarships (worth up to £20,000 each).