Attendance & Participation Policy

Promoting full personal and social development in caring Christian communities of learning and teaching.


To provide Catholic education in the Edmund Rice Tradition.

  • Nurturing faith, Christian spirituality and Gospel-based values;
  • Promoting partnership in the school community;
  • Excelling in teaching and learning;
  • Creating a caring school community;
  • Inspiring transformational leadership.

Statement of strategy in relation to attendance and participation

In keeping with the values and principles of the Edmund Rice Charter, we want to make school and school attendance a pleasant and positive experience. We have designed a range of subjects and of social and extra curricular activities to make our school as inclusive as possible, and to enable all students to participate fully and to benefit from their time at school. These are outlined in another section of the school plan.

Nevertheless, it is also important that we keep a strict control of attendance, that we keep parents informed of their son’s absences and that students will not be able to miss school without good reason and with their parents’ knowledge and consent.

  1. The school has invested in an electronic attendance system ‘Anseo’ to detect attendance and punctuality. All students scan in every day before 9am. This scanning process records attendance and punctuality and is administered by a secretary under the guidance and supervision of the Deputy Principal.
  2. Parents of absent students receive a text message at 10 am every morning, indicating the student’s absence.
  3. Regular spot checks are conducted in the afternoon by Year Heads to detect truant students.
  4. Class registration is held every day to follow up on notes for absence. Every absence must be explained by a note from parent or guardian. Form teachers administer Registration.
  5. Student attendance and punctuality is recorded in all class exam reports. This is administered by Form Teachers.
  6. At the Year Heads meeting every week the following information is distributed for follow up (a) The 30 students with the worst attendance records (b) The students who have 6 or more lates recorded (c) The list of students with no note from parents explaining their absence.
  7. The Year Heads room is equipped with Facility (school records) and Anseo (attendance and punctuality system).
  8. Parents are contacted in the case of unexplained absence of 5 days.
  9. The importance of attendance and punctuality is repeated over and over again at assembly by Year Heads.
  10. Subject teachers take a roll call in every class.
  11. Parents are contacted by phone, by Year heads, when mitching is discovered or suspected.
  12. Detention is given by Year Heads for lates.
  13. Saturday detention is given by Year Heads for mitching.
  14. Ongoing, serious cases are reported to Principal.
  15. The school has a range of policies which support Attendance. These include the Code of Conduct, Anti Bullying Policy, Substance Abuse Policy, Child Protection Policy, I.T. Policy & Homework Policy
  16. The school has a Pastoral Care structure with Year Heads & Form Teachers. Substantial inservice has been provided for staff on positive behaviour, on classroom behaviour and on the roll of Form Teachers and Year Heads.
  17. The school also has two Guidance & Counselling teachers and a Guidance Plan has been drawn up and adopted by the Board.
  18. In addition, the school employs from its own resources a qualified Counsellor.
  19. The school makes extensive provision for children with special educational needs.
  20. Incoming students are supported by Meitheal.
  21. There are many opportunities for student involvement within the school through the Students Council, Meitheal, Prefects, Captains and Vice Captains
  22. A wide range of Awards are presented each year.
  23. Support for teaching and learning is given through school development planning and inservice.
  24. The school is increasing its provision of facilities for students by providing hot food and sandwiches at lunchtime and through its Breakfast Club.
  25. There is a very wide range of extra curricular activities available to students in the areas of sport, music, choir and debating.
  26. This policy was adopted by the Board on 5th February 2008 and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis