Changes To The School Jumper

Changes to the school jumper

The Students Council and student body have expressed an interest in updating the school jumper. As a response to these requests we have been exploring possible changes. This sample has just arrived to us.


New Jumper

We would be glad to hear your thoughts on this proposed change. 

  • The jumper in the photograph has fleece inside as the boys were complaining of the current jumper irritating their skin.  It is a half zip with a stand up collar and two pockets.
  • It will have a crest on the left hand side
  • This will be a trial for 4th, 5th and 6th year students only. If it is successful we will introduce the new jumper to all year groups, if not we won’t.
  • It will not be compulsory for students to buy this jumper next year – they can wear either the current school jumper, or this new jumper until a final decision is made.
  • Please send any thoughts or suggestions to or