First year History trip to the Moat Theatre.

Before Easter, our first year’s visited the Moat Theatre to watch Private Peaceful. Special thanks to Mr. Noone for organising the trip. Here’s a report on the play by first year student, Killian Burke.

On Wednesday March 13th, all first years attended a play called Private Peaceful at the Moat Theatre in Naas. It was an unusual production with only one person in the cast. The play revolves around the life of Thomas Peaceful. Thomas has a large family with multiple brothers. His older brother, Big Joe, has brain damage and suffers from various symptoms. The brothers take care of him.

Thomas is in love with Molly, a girl who he met on his first day of school. Thomas, Molly and his brother Charlie grew up together. They went on many adventures together, including comforting their great aunt. On one such adventure they saw an aeroplane for the first time. As time goes on, Thomas begins to feel isolated by the growing connection between Molly and Charlie. He later discovers that Charlie and Molly were dating in secret and she had ended up pregnant. Due to the shame of having a baby outside of marriage, Charlie and Molly marry. This leaves Thomas in despair

Soon, World War 1 arises and Charlie and Thomas are enlisted to fight in the war. They had various difficulties under their leader Sergeant Hanley. Throughout this time, it was Charlie who protected Thomas from the brunt of the war. During one of the attacks Thomas becomes injured in ‘No Mans Land’. Charlie refuses to leave his brother and so stays with him while he is recuperating, thereby refusing a direct order to fight in the war. He is accused by Hanley of being a coward and is sentenced to death. Charlie is shot to death while singing his favourite song, Oranges and Lemons.

Thomas endures the reminder of the war and comes home to Molly and her child, Little Tommo. His goal is to devote his life to caring for them in Charlie’s memory.

Sound effects played a big part in the play. When Thomas, Molly and Charlie saw the aeroplane, the sound effect was very clear. During the war, bombs and gun sound effects were present.

This was an interesting production and a great trip to The Moat Theatre.