Wellbeing Week

Well done to everyone who took part in Wellbeing Week in Naas CBS. It was a huge success. A huge variety of activities were organised which both students and staff could participate in. The included a ’15 minute Meditation’ held during lunchtime. Special thanks to Ms Phibbs for organising that. There was also a ‘Drop Everything and Run’ event organised by Ms Murphy during lunchtime. Ms Heffernan and her fifth year students also put on a music workshop for first and second years.

Wellbeing was also incorporated into classes as well. Ms Thompson and her TY classes promoted positive mental health by creating colourful ‘Positive Thinking’ posters which were then displayed in the Assembly Area and elsewhere in the school. Additionally, some of the fifth year Business and Economic classes took a break from the books to take part in the ‘Marshmallow Challenge.’

Naas CBS was also delighted to welcome some visitors to the school. Last week, Niall McNamee and Kenneth Egan spoke to out senior students about wellbeing through their own experience of dealing with addiction. This week, John Farran from GROW spoke to some of our staff and fifth years about positive mental health. Also, organised by Ms Thompson, Stephen Dargan from AWARE held interactive workshops with TY students and will work with the remainder of TY students after the Easter Break.

This week represented Naas CBS’s continuing commitment to wellbeing. To nurturing a positive mental attitude in both our students and staff. With this in mind, staff students and parents are invited to show their commitment to maintaining a positive mental attitude in themselves and in helping others to do the same by logging on to menti.com using the code 627719.

Below are some images from the week.

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Kenneth Egan, Olympic silver medalist boxer, speaking to students about wellbeing through his experience with addiction.
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Niall McNamee, Offaly footballer, speaking to students about wellbeing and the importance of seeking help and talking to someone.
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Students took time out of their studies to listen to this very worthwhile talk by Kenneth Egan and Niall McNamee.
The first and second year music workshop organised by Ms Heffernan and her fifth years was a huge success.
Some of the fifth year students giving the music workshop to second year students.

Wellbeing Week 2018 banner

Some of the Ms Thompson & her TY classes’ ‘Positive Thinking’ posters on display in the Assembly Area.

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